My Yoga


Yoga helps me;
find “myself”, the real “inner self”
Strength in silence, determination in peace.
Being in the moment with my breath,
Relaxing and “letting go”
Becoming a “whole” with my body and soul,
Reaching “oneness” in harmony with the universe,
Showing me the ” divine truth” in life
Living each moment with awareness,
And going along the way, with love always.

Divya Beste Dolanay, March 2009 


All programs and group/private classes take place in Amsterdam, Holland where I reside since 2013.

INTEGRAL/HATHA YOGA: A gentle Yoga class, also suitable for beginners, that provides a good workout for the body, helps relax your mind & rejuvenate your soul. The class consists of asanas (steady and comfortable postures), pranayama (breathing techniques), deep relaxation and meditation exercises. The classes also integrate yoga nidra (yogic sleep) and yoga sanga (group meditation exercises which include mindfulness meditation and walking meditation sessions) for intermediate and advanced students.

INTEGRAL/VINYASA YOGA: A more challenging yoga program consists of flowing yoga postures, simultaneously practiced with breaths, which helps eliminate toxins, rejuvenate whole body and soul.

Please click here for a sample yoga program, where you can find the charts for a beginner’s yoga program, with a warm-up sequence, Sun Salutation sequence and some sample Yoga Asanas (postures) .

YOGATHAIMASSAGE: A unique, invigorating body workout- incorporating Yoga and Thai Massage-that takes care of all your muscles,  joints & circulatory system, while creating a space for mindfulness and a relaxed mind. Please click here for details.

YIN & YANG YOGA: This program consists of  3 Yang Yoga sequences, 7-8 basic Yin Yoga poses and deep relaxation at the end. It is a program, where dynamic Yang flows and static Yin poses complement each other perfectly. This program has powerful beneficial effects on joints, connective tissue, facia, Chi flow in the body, plus it has emotional and mental therapathic long term effects.

TEEN YOGA: Aim of Teen yoga is to to teach teenagers Hatha yoga, partner and group poses, meditation, breathing techniques and deep relaxation, to increase their awareness and help them better cope with anxiety and stress.

CORPORATE WELLNESS PROGRAMS: I give workshops and seminars to companies and organisations. There are 3 programs that I offer:

  1. ‘Mindfullness Meditation & Breathing’ Workshop
  2. ‘A Taste of Holistic Wellness Introducing Tools for Radical Self-care’ Seminar
  3. Yoga & Meditation Workshops

Please contact me at for queries.


“I really look forward to Beste’s yoga classes. Even when I feel tired before, after my weekly yoga class I feel more invigorated. I find her to be very professional, she definitely knows what she is teaching. I am glad I found the class and I go to great lengths to attend every week…it’s a must!”  Kate Oakley, April 2009


“Whenever I go to yoga unwillingly; after the yoga class, I feel as if I am flying and I am rejuvenated. Thank you for giving me such great energy with your soft voice.” Nur İlter, April 2009


I arrived at Beste’s Yoga classes because I was having heavy back problems which I could not solve with my fitness programm, and the numerous orthopedists I saw recommended me yoga. Of course, I had heard of yoga but not learned about it. I found out Yoga is not just a “sport” it is a whole “way of living”, of thinking. I think Beste is a very good teacher because not only she radiates such positive energy, but she also explains alot about what we are doing, other ways of doing it and we are always learning new things. The lessons are never boring, there is always a new element coming into place. I hate having to miss a lesson because I notice it straight away on my back. Now I have to leave the country, so I will be missing my yoga with Beste; it is just not the same when you are alone at home but I think I got a good base to be able to do some yoga at home on my own. I leave a different person : much less back problems and a whole new way of perceiving life with my senses much more in action and my stress hormones less active !! Thank you, thank you, thank you and again thank you for being such a great yoga teacher, a great person, radiating so much positive energy, just stay yourself.” Valerie Indlekofer, June 2009