4 Square Meters

534062_10151158151302543_1800860747_n4 Square Meters

Thai pants on. Check.
Scented candles. Check.
Gloomy weather. Check.
Music and mats ready. Check.
Me & myself out. Check. Concentration in. Check.

She is here. I don’t know her.
We sit. We taste and smell our Green teas.

We start Yoga and meditation.
Together, we breathe. I tell her to let it all in. Even the sounds outside… I want her to feel the sensations throughout her body. I ask her to notice her feelings at that moment. I tell her to be aware of her thoughts. Meditation is not about shutting ourselves down. It is all about opening ourselves to life. Our arms and hearts wide open… Experiencing life with mindfulness. Mindfulness is bliss. We can not empty our brain or totally shut down our thoughts. We can just learn how to come back. To our centers, to our breath, to the present. Present is our only wealth.

Now, we are focused and we are awake. We do sun salutations. We warm up. We are ready.

We start the Thai Massage.

Crack! Ahh, there comes the light… All is out. Her emotional body is activated. She starts telling me about her life, the story of her sufferings, just when I start with her back… What Rumi said is so true: ‘The wound is the place where the Light enters you.’ It is not important when or where it cracks open, but how we deal with it. Vulnerability is not weakness. It is a powerful emotion. Being strong is all about accepting what life brings us, learning to let go of our attachments and living with the flow.

4 square meters.
The sacred space is created in just that 4 square meters. The ancient teachings help us to look right in the eyes of life there and then. With all its pureness, peacefulness, helping for awakening our true selves, leaving us with soft but powerful positive energies…

We are alive and kicking. No past, no future. We both are here and in the present moment. In unity. in harmony. We are One.

Thai massage is over.

Deep relaxation is bliss.. I tell her, now, it is time to let go. I ask her to totally relax and surrender. Nothing to do. Nowhere to go. Nothing to be.

She sits back up. We chant ‘Om Shanti’ 3 times.
Peace for my past. Peace for my present. Peace for my future. We wish peace to the world. Namaste.
She opens her eyes. Tears in her eyes…

Our YogaThaiMassage practice is over.

Pure. Open. Naked Souls.

Divya Beste Dolanay
5 December 2013, Amsterdam