‘For me, there is only the travelling on the paths that have or may have a heart. There I travel, and the only worthwhile challenge for me is to traverse its full length. And there I travel-looking, looking breathlessly’                                                                                                                                            Don Juan Matus

This section consists of notes/articles about some of my travels in Turkey and in the world, which are translated or written in English. Plus, a few creative  writings in English…

In 2001, we travelled through South America -Argentina, Uruguay, Peru, Chili, Bolivia, Equador and the Galapagos Islands. We lived in South Africa and travelled through East Africa in 2008, to Mozambique, Leshotho, Swaiziland, Malawi, Tanzania and Zanzibar. During this trip, we also made it to the summit of the Kilimanjaro! We also travelled to Far East; Malasia-Vietnam-Cambodia, and all across Europe and lived in Holland. Sorry, but no translations for most of the articles yet- please check out at least the pictures of our trips, in the Turkish part!

All travel photos (if not stated otherwise) in this website are taken by Burak Dolanay and cannot be used or copied without permission.